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Tablet and Phone recovery

Tablet and Phone recovery

Our team will recover your entire mobile or tablet data – photos, videos, contacts, SMS text messages, and files, which you lost due to any reason. We deploy a deep electronic mechanism and chip off data extractions to restore your device data. Moreover, we also offer services for mobile/tabs repairs.

PC and Mac Repair

PC or Mac repairs

Successful recovering and repairing your PC or Mac data issues and efficiently fixing them. We know that hardware, drives, etc., can be corrupted, deleted, damaged and lost anytime. Therefore, using effective tools and strategies, we recover and repair your device to run and regulate data smoothly again.

Password Bypass

Password Bypass

Using our software and tools, we help you reset a password for your device or system. Whether you’re a business or an individual, we have competent staff to unlock your system and secure it with an updated password. You can request and receive a new password.

Memory Card recovery​ Services

Memory Card recovery

We are fully equipped with all sets of tools and staff to recover data from any chipset, including a memory card. Deploying tools, we access and extract files from your storage device, and after preservation and confirmation, we save and send it to you.

SSD recovery​

SSD recovery

Whether your drive faced a physical or mechanical failure, we can get it run back and can restore stored data too. Our process is simple, we evaluate your device, find the possible failure reasons, and then using tools, we recover and restore any available data.

Virus & Malware protection​

Virus & Malware protection

We ensure not only efficient data restoration services but also make sure to protect and secure them from any viruses or malware. However, if you need extra services to remove any virus or malware from your files, we offer it. We have expert tools to secure your data against any malware or threat.

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